Severn House
ISBN: 1-7802-9007-1
Coming June 1st



Did Not Finish

In the first of the Aidy Westlake mystery series set in the high-octane world of motor racing - When Derek Deacon threatens to kill Alex Fanning, his championship rival, rookie driver Aidy Westlake doesn’t put much stock in it – it’s typical of the intense competitiveness and aggression in their world. But when Fanning dies after making contact with Deacon’s car during a race, a conspiracy ensues: the TV coverage is edited and the police wind up the investigation without interviewing witnesses. Compelled to prove Deacon is the murderer, Aidy pushes for the truth and is drawn into a world of fraud, organized crime and murder.

Murder has never happened so fast.

Severn House will be releasing this book on June 1st, 2011 in the UK and September 1st, 2011 in the US.

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Thomas & Mercer
November 2012




Gwen Farris crossed the wrong coworker when she gave Stephen Tarbell a poor evaluation.  That was all it took to push Tarbell over the edge.  He already believes Gwen stole the promotion that was rightfully his.  He won't let her take anything else from him.  Now it's his turn to take...and take.  By the time he's finished with her, Tarbell plans to take her job, her family—even her life.

TERMINATED…to some people, it's more than a job.

Dorchester Publishing will be releasing this book under the Leisure Thriller imprint in June 1st, 2010.

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Thomas & Mercer
November 2012



Asking for Trouble

The Road to crime begins with a single decision—the wrong one.  Not every decision belongs to the criminally minded.  Some belong to the ill-informed, the weak and the plain unlucky.  In these tales, trouble isn't an indiscriminate force of nature.  It's a manmade occurrence that comes when called upon. 

In these stories, you'll find Richard who is so tired of supporting his deadbeat in-laws that he's going to cut themm out of his lifefor good.  Jamie Lassen is just Protecting The Innocent when he tells Chris Forbes to stop dating his sister.  A simple Fender Bender with a drug dealer's car put Todd in hock with the mob and the kingpin makes Todd responsible for a much larger debt.  The Taskmasters picked Matt out just as the right time.  Tired of his dead-end life, he was looking for someone to turn his life around.

These tales and others prove that Asking for Trouble is a case of good intentions gone bad and bad intentions gone worse.

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Thomas & Mercer
November 2012


We All Fall Down

Hayden Duke is a young man on the fast track.  He's just signed on with Marin Design Engineering to work on a very high-level project.  But before Hayden started, one of MDE's employee's committed suicide.  And he's not the only one.  Is it the pressure?  Or is there some other connection?  Has Hayden Duke just put himself on the fast track to an early death?

WE ALL FALL DOWN…when the innocent are victimized.

A clever, suspensful page-turner with twists and truns every step of the way.  WE ALL FALL DOWN, will appeal to fans of Joseph Finder and Stephen Frey.

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Comet Press
ISBN: 978-1-4523-7326-3
September 2010



The Fall Guy

Todd Collins has failed in every job he's ever undertaken, but that all changes when he backs his jalopy in a shiny, new Porsche belonging to a drug dealer. When the police stop the drug dealer for a broken taillight that Todd has caused and discover a cocaine shipment, a West Coast kingpin holds Todd responsible. On the run from organized crime, Todd discovers his true calling when he fights back.

When you're down on your luck, life never wants to cut you a break.

The Fall Guy is an ebook original and is now available for the iPad at the iBookstoree.

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Dorchester Publishing
ISBN: 0-8439-5980-0
Out Now!


Road Rash

James Straley might think his life is cursed, but it doesn't compare to what lies ahead of him on life's highway. He's on the run with the proceeds of a botched bank robbery. It's all he has. His crew is dead and his getaway car just died on him. He's on foot with the cash when he comes across a two-car pileup. There's no saving the drivers, but he can save himself and steals one of the wrecked cars. But he boosts the wrong set of wheels. Within an hour of driving off, he develops a rash that eats away at his flesh. No doctor can help him--only the car's original owner. If Straley wants his skin back, he must journey on the road to redemption, which ends in the heart of Central America.

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Bad Moon Books
Out Now!


The Scrubs

James Jeter, the notorious serial killer with a sixth sense, holds court inside London's Wormwood Scrubs Prison.  He's the focus of the "North Wing Project."  Under the influence of a hallucinogen, Jeter can create an alternative world known as "The Rift" containing the souls of his victims.  

Pardons are on offer to inmates who'll enter The Rift.  Michael Keeler has nothing to lose and little to live for.  He's sent into The Rift to learn the identity of Jeter's last victim.  

It's a mission where the guilty can be redeemed, but at a price...

Read an Review and Interview over at Macabre Ink.

The book features original cover and interior art by Alan Clark.

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Zen Films
ISBN: 0-8439-5980-0
Out Now!




San Francisco Detective Larry Hayes thinks he's hit bottom when he wakes up in an alley after a bad trip with no memory of the last four hours.  This is only the beginning of his problems.  Two blocks away, Hayes' informant, a homeless man named Noble Jon, lies dead, beaten and stabbed.  The eerie pangs of guilt seep into Hayes.  Is he Jon's killer?  The mounting evidence says so.  Hayes mounts his own investigation to stay one step ahead of murder charge and disappears amongst the city's homeless community.
r life.

Lowlifes is a transmedia project consisting of a book, short film and blog produced in conjuction with Zen Films.

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Thomas & Mercer
November 2012

Paying the Piper

The Piper is the Bay Area’s infamous child kidnapper. When the Piper selected crime reporter, Scott Fleetwood, to report on his latest child kidnapping, Scott thought he had the world in his grasp, but he held nothing. Scott had been duped by a wannabe. By the time the FBI exposed the hoaxer, time had run out, leaving the real Piper only one course of action—to kill the child. With a murder added to his résumé, the Piper vanished leaving Scott to take blame from the public and the investigating FBI agent, Tom Sheils. But now, eight years later, the Piper’s back, with very specific targets in mind—Scott’s young children. Scott can have his children back as long as he can pay the ransom. The hard part is that ransom isn’t measured in dollars, but in blood.

PAYING THE PIPER…some debts can’t be repaid.

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Thomas & Mercer
November 2012

Accidents Waiting to Happen

A Bloody Dagger Award Nominee

Josh Michaels is worth more dead than alive. He just doesn’t know it yet. He has no idea why someone would try to kill him, clearly that’s exactly what happened. When an SUV forced Josh’s car off the road and into a river, it might have been an accident. But when Josh looked up at the road, expecting to see the SUV’s driver rushing to help him, all he saw was the driver watching him calmly…then giving him a “thumbs down” sign. That was merely the first attempt on Josh’s life, all of them designed to look like accidents, and all of them very nearly fatal. With his time—and maybe his luck—running out and no one willing to believe him, Josh had better figure out who wants him dead and why…before it’s too late.

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Blue Cubicle Press
ISBN: 0-9745900-4-5
Out Now!

Working Stiffs

The workplace is a dangerous place. The unscrupulous are primed and ready to take advantage of the innocent and naïve. A slight indiscretion can cost the employee everything. A new position can turn a person into someone they are not. Those at the top can be toppled and those at the bottom can be crushed.

Until now, Vincent’s father has kept one side of the business a secret from his son. Vincent is about to learn the family business. On the most important day of his career, Sam’s world will unravel when he helps a woman in distress. Todd has failed in every job he's undertaken, but that changes when he backs into a drug dealer's car. Now he’s in hock with organized crime and can only get himself out from under if he works for them to pay off his debt. Kenneth Casper is ailing and so is his business empire. His shareholders circle like vultures. Casper pins all his hopes on a Peruvian shaman with a miracle cure.

Working Stiffs...Some jobs are worth dying for.

My Father's Secret from the collection won the Anthony Award for Best Short Story.

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Thomas & Mercer
November 2012

Dragged into Darkness

The world is a dark place, even in daylight. DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS features fifteen tales of horror from the subtle to the extreme. The characters are ordinary people who are ripped from their daily routines into a dark world.
"Dragged Into Darkness" is filled with characters who are one step from the light and a normal existence, and because of this, their world will never be the same.

In "The Eye Of The Beholder," Dr. Gareth Troy empathizes with his tortured patients' disfigurements a little too much.

In "Acceptable Losses," Captain John Clelland has struck the worst of bargains for the lives of allied soldiers.

In "Runway 37," Neal is forced to land his crippled light aircraft on a runway that can’t possibly exist.

DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS will make you clamor for the light.

All stories have a history and this collection is no different. If you'd like to know what inspired these stories, go here!

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